225 billion cost to employers in the U.S. in lost productivity due to behavioral health issues

Issue resolution when it matters most

Our Behavioral Health and Well-Being solution offers employers a dedicated well-being advisor who provides counseling services and care support for their Minnesota employees. Our well-being advisors are committed to helping your employees resolve their issues before they access their benefits by supporting them through times of emotional stress or concern.

Easy access to a dedicated advisor

On-site, in clinic, or by phone

Savings that directly affect your bottom line

Behavioral Health and Well-Being goes well beyond traditional EAP services by providing your employees unparalleled access to an open number of counseling sessions, with a goal of resolving the majority of cases presented. As the largest behavioral health provider in the state, our well-being advisors are experts in behavioral health and can expedite access to a wide variety of behavioral health resources for those patients needing advanced clinical care. This coordinated approach can directly affect your cost savings while improving the personal and professional well-being of your employees and their families.

Core services to maintain your employees’ optimal emotional well-being:

Dedicated well-being advisor
  • Employees and their family members (13 years and older) have access to local certified licensed mental health professionals
  • Consultations can occur at the workplace, in clinic, or by phone
Integrated, holistic approach
  • Considers the physical, social, and emotional factors affecting behavioral health
  • Well-being check-ins and ongoing monitoring is available for those with complex, chronic conditions
Comprehensive Employee Outreach
  • Educational employee communications are provided to ensure employees understand the support that is available to them
  • Concierge-level support, including scheduling appointments on an employee’s behalf
Extensive Care Network
  • Your employees will have access to our extensive network of behavioral health providers as needed

Common issues that could be affecting your employees’ performance and overall well-being:
  • Work-related issues and stresses
  • Depression, anxiety, or acute social anxiety
  • Chronic depression or anxiety
  • Behavioral health disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic medical conditions
*Analysis of 2017 claims data for the top two behavioral health CPT codes for a medium-sized Minnesota employer.
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